A trip to the countryside: Language Focus

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o Modal could/would with wish (review)

o Prepositions of time o Adverb clauses of result

1. What do these people wish? Write the sentences. (Những người này ưđc muốn điều gì. Hãy viết thành câu)

a. Ba / can have / new bicycle —> Ba wishes he could have a new bicycle.

b. Hoa / can visit / parents -» Hoa wishes she could visit her parents.

C. I / will pass / exam -> I wish I would pass the exam.

d. We / it / not rain. -» We wish it wasn't (weren't) raining.

e. He / can fly. -> He wishes he could fly.

f. They / stay / Hue / for the festival.

—> They wish they could stay in Hue for the festival.

2. Work with a partner. (Thực tập với người bạn)

Look at Mr.Thanh's itinerary for his business trip to Singapore. Complete the sentences. Use the prepositions in the box. (Hãy nhìn bảng kế hoạch chuyến đi công tác Singapore của ông Thành. Hoàn thành những câu bèn dưới. Sử dụng những giới từ trong khung) 

Itenerary for Le Huy Thanh


Monday, September 20

Wednesday, September 22

Depart: Ha Noi / 2 pm


Arrive : Singapore /7 pm

Raya Palca / 2.15 - 7 pm DINNER

Tuesday, September 21

Little India Restaurant / 7.30 - 10 pm


Thursday, September 23

Raffles Center / 11 am - 1pm

Depart: Singapore /9 am


Lion City Restaurant / 1.30 - 2 pm

Arrive : Ha Noi /2 pm

    At till on after up to between    

a) Mr. Thanh leaves Ha Noi at 2 pm.

b) He arrives in Singapore on Monday evening

c) On Tuesday morning, there is a meeting between 11 am and 1 pm.

d) On Wednesday, Mr. Thanh has appointments till 10 pm.

e) He returns to the hotel after 10 pm.

f) He will be in Singapore from Monday up to Thursday.

3. Complete the sentences with on, at, in, for. (Hoàn thành những câu sau vđi on, at, in, for)

a) Goodbye! See you on Monday.

b) The bus collected US at 5 Ơ clock early in the morning.

c) We usually go to our home village at least once in the summer.

d) We walked for half an hour to reach the waterfall.

e) They planned to have a trip in June.

f) She loves to watch the stars at night.

4. Match the half-sentences. Then write the full sentences in your exercise book. (Hãy nối từng nửa câu vđi nhau. Sau đó viết những câu hoàn chỉnh vào sách bài tập)

1. Hoa worked hard,... a) so I turned on the air conditioner.

2. It was hot,... b) so she didnỵt have time for breakfast

3. Nga is sick today,... c) so Mrs. Robinson took it back to the shop.

4. Na woke up late,... d) so she won't go to school.

5. The new camera didn't work,... e) so she passed her exam.

-> 1 - e) Hoa worked hard, so she passed her exam.

2 - a) It was hot, so I turn on the air conditioner.

3-d) Nga is sick today, so she won't go to school.

4 - b) Na woke up late, so she didn't have time for breakfast.

5 - c) The new camera didn't work, so Mrs. Robinson took it back to the shop.


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