Language Focus Unit 14 Lớp 11 Trang 161

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Exercise 1. Nối / viết lại câu, dùng cấu trúc Both ... and, either ... or hoặc Neither... nor.


1. Both Jim and Carol are on holiday.

2. George neither smokes nor drinks.

3. Neither Jim nor Carol has (got) a car.

4. The film was both long and boring.

5. That man’s name is either Richard or Robert.

6. I’ve got neither time nor money to go on holiday.

7. We can leave either today or tomorrow.

8. Helen lost both her passport and her wallet at the airport.

9. ... they are both clean and easy to park.

10. ... I either go to the cinema or stay home and watch TV.


Exercise 2. Đổi các câu sau đây sang dạng câu chẻ ở thể bị động.

1. It was Christina who was given a lot of flowers by fans.

2. It was the policeman who was asked for direction to the post office.

3. It was his house that was talked a lot about.

4. It was a bicycle that was bought for him for / as his birthday.

5. It was his home town that was described in his novel.

6. It was the children who were frightened.

7. It was her glasses that were broken.

8. It was my younger sister who was kissed at the party by the Prince.

9. It was this story book that was given to me for as a birthday present by my father.

10. It is Tet that is celebrated as the greatest occasion in a year by the Vietnamese people.


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