Language Focus Unit 16 Lớp 10

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Grammar anf Vocabulary

Exercise 1. Hãy viết dạng so sánh hơn và so sánh nhất của các tính từ sau.

Adjective                     Comparative               Superlative

1. cheap                       cheaper                    the cheapest

2. expensive             more expensive         the most expensive

3. young                        younger                  the youngest

4. happy                         happier                      the happiest

5. big                              bigger                      the biggest

6. busy                            busier                        the busiest

7. intelligent               more intelligent       the most intelligent

8. beautiful                 more beautiful         the most beautiful

9. bad                            worse                         the worst

10. far                         farther/further         the farthest/furthest

11. new                          newer                         the newest

12. dangerous            more dangerous         the most dangerous

Exercise 2. Hãy xếp các từ sau theo trật tự đúng để thành câu hay câu hỏi có nghĩa.

1. I am the oldest in my family.

2. My sister is younger than me.

3. Who is the oldest in class?

4. Concord used to be the fastest passenger plane in the world.

5. Your book is more interesting than my book.

6. Peter bought the most expensive watch in the shop.

7. Did you buy the cheapest watch in the shop?

8. German is more difficult than English.

9. The weather today is much better than yesterday.

Exercise 3. Hãy xem kỹ mỗi dòng. Một vài dòng đúng và một vài dòng có một từ không nên dùng trong dòng. Hãy đánh dấu 0 vào dòng đúng. Nếu dòng nào có từ không nên dùng thì em hãy viết ra từ ấy vào chỗ trống.

              Transport Solutions.

First of all, walking is obviously the cheapest                 

means of travelling, and can be the quicker in a          The

city centre. Of course, the further you have to go,       1. 

the more so tired you will become.                              2. so

In some ways, walking is more healthier than              3. more

travelling by bus or car, but it can be just as the        4. the

unhealthy because cities are the much more               5. the

polluted than they used to be. Cars are faster or          6. s

course and more than convenient, but as cities            7. than

become more of crowded, parking is getting                8. of

harder. Sometimes public transport is better.               9. 

Eventhough buses don't go as fast as cars do it.          10. it

Cars are a lot more and convenient but as they           11. and

cause most pollution, it is the better to avoid              12. the

using them if possible. In a city the fastest way of       13. ✓

travelling is on a bike, which keeps you fitter and        14 

is not so that noisy as a motorbike or a car.                15 that


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