Language Focus Unit 5 Lớp 12 Trang 58

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* Pronunciation: Stress in more than three-syllable words

* Grammar: Conditional Sentences

Exercise 1. Dùng câu điều kiện loại I đê hoàn chỉnh các câu sau.

Đáp án.

1. If you fail the GCSE examination, you will not be able to take the entrance examination to the university.

2. You won’t be able to get into the examination room if you are 10 minutes late.

3. If you don’t send the application form on time, you will not be able to take the entrance exam.

4. If you don’t have a reference letter, you won’t be able to submit your application form.

5. Unless you show your identity card, you won’t be able to get into the examination room.

Exercise 2. Dùng câu điểu kiện loại II để diễn đạt các tình huống sau.

Đáp án.

1. She doesn't have a car. She doesn’t go out in the evening.

If she had a car, she would go out in the evening.

2. Sarah doesn’t study hard. She hates school.

If Sarah liked school, she would study hard.

3. I can’t do the test. It is too difficult.

I would / could do the test if it was/were not too difficult.

4. Peter doesn’t read a lot. He can’t find the time.

Peter would read a lot if he found the time / had more time.

5. I can’t translate this. I don’t speak Korean.

If 1 spoke Korean, I could translate this.

6. They don’t study abroad. They are afraid of flying.

If they weren’t afraid of flying, they would study abroad.

Exercise 3. Hoàn tất câu bằng dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc.

Đáp án.

1. If John had passed the GCSE examination, he would have been able to take the entrance examination to the university.

2. If you had sent the application on time, they might have called you for an interview, I can’t understand why you didn’t.

3. If John had installed an alarm, the thieves wouldn’t have broken into his house. 

4.I would have made a film with him if I had been a famous director, but I was not.

5. Had you told me earlier, I would have given it to you.

6. We would have sent you a Christmas card if we had had your address.


Tham khảo đáp án đầy đủ tại đây: Higher Education (Giáo Dục Cao Học)


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