Listening Unit 11 Lớp 12 Trang 123

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Before you listen

* Theo cặp, đặt câu để biết càng nhiều thông tin về quyển sách bạn em vừa đọc.

* Nghe và lặp lại.

incredible                 wilderness                 fascinating                 unnoticed

journey                   personality                 survive                      reunited

While you listen

Nghe người phụ nữ nói về quyển sách cô vừa đọc và làm các bài tập sau.

Task 1. Chọn đáp án đúng cho các cáu sau.

Đáp án.

1. B         2. C           3. B           4. A             5. A



I recently read The Incredible Journey by Sheila Bumford, a book about three animal friends who travel across the Canadian wilderness looking for their owners. It is a fascinating story that describes some of the incredible things animals can do. 

When a Canadian family goes to England for a long trip, they leave their three pets with a friend who lives 300 miles away. Though well treated by the friend, the pets miss their family. One day, they are able to leave the friend’s house unnoticed and begin the long journey to find their owners. The central theme of the book, a problem the animals must resolve, is how to survive life in the wilderness in order to arrive home. They never could have completed the journey alone, but they take care of one another, and all the three make it and are reunited with their owners.

Each animal has a distinct personality, but they care for one another almost as if they were a family. The most impressive of them is the old dog. The journey was the most difficult for him, but amazingly he found the strength to make it.

The author didn’t try to turn the animals into people, speaking and acting like humans. Instead, she was faithful to her characters as animals and showed US their journey through animal eyes. That made the book interesting and unbelievable.

I would recommend the book to anyone who likes animals. I think that anyone who has ever had a pet or wanted one would enjoy it.


Task 2.Nghe lại và điền vào chỗ trống.

Đáp án.

1. Family               2. strength               3. humans

4. journey             5. pet


After you listen Theo cặp, hỏi và đáp:

Bạn có muốn đọc quyển sách đó không? Tại sao?(không?)


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