Listening Unit 2 Lớp 11 Trang 27

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Before you listen

Theo nhỏm, cùng nhìn vào tranh và nói điểu gì đang xảy ra.

While you listen

Task 1. Christina đang được phỏng van về một kỷ niệm không quên trong đời. Nghe và cho biết các câu sau là đúng (T) hay sai (F).


1. T             2. F           3. F            4. F              5. T


Unforgettable Experiences

Interviewer: This is Radio 3. In our “Unforgettable Experiences” programme tonight we talk to Christina, a successful business woman. Hello Christina, welcome to our programme.

Christina : Hello and thank you! It’s nice being with you tonight.

Interviewer: Christina, could you tell our audience about the most memorable experience in your life?

Christina : Well, my most unforgettable experience happened thirteen years ago, when my house burned down.

Interviewer: Really? How did it happen?

Christina : The fire started in the kitchen where I forgot to turn off the gas stove.

Interviewer: What were you doing at that time? 

Christina : I was sleeping when I was suddenly woken up by terrible heat. I opened my eyes to find myself surrounded by walls of fire.

Interviewer: That’s terrible! How did you escape?

Christina : I was terrified. Then I heard my mother’s voice calling my name. I rushed to her. She carried me out. Luckily, I got away without even a minor burn.

Interviewer: Not many people are so lucky. Did the fire affect you in any way?

Christina : Oh, yes. Yes, very much, in fact. Although I lost many things in the fire, the experience helped me to grow up.

Interviewer: What do you mean?

Christina : Well, before the fire, I was selfish. I always complained to my mother about how small my room was, or how few clothes I had. Then the fire came and destroyed everything we owned. But I slowly began to realize that I didn’t really need my old things. I just needed my family. After all, you can get new clothes anytime, but a family can never be replaced.

Interviewer: I see, so the fire took many things from you, but it gave you something, too.

Christina : Exactly. It taught me to appreciate my family more than things.

Task 2. Nghe phần 2 của bài hội thoai để viêt câc từ vào chô trông.

1. small

2. everything

3. family

 4. replaced 

5. took

6. appreciate


After you listen

Theo cặp / nhóm, thảo luận về quan điểm của Christina “Family is more important than things” (gia đình quan trọng hơn vật chất).

Gợi ỷ: Family is more important than things because it can 7 be replaced. / it gives you love, support,...


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