Listening Unit 6 Lớp 11 Trang 70

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Before you listen

Theo cặp, thào luận về nhừng câu hỏi sau:

1. Cuộc chạy đua Ma-ra-thon ở Boston là gì?

2. Em nghĩ ai có thể tham dự vào cuộc đua Boston?

While you listen

Task 1. Nghe và lựa chọn thông tin đúng/sai về Boston Marathon.

















Task 2. Nghe lại một hoặc hai lần và tra lời câu hòi.


1. (He came from) New York.

2. (She became the first official female champion) in 1972.

3. 8 (women started and finished the race in 1972)

4. 6164 (runners joined the Boston Marathon in 1984)


After you listen

Theo nhóm, kể tên vài vận độnu viên điền kinh nổi tiếng ở Việt Nam và cho biết điểm đặc biệt về họ.


Trang : What are you reading. Paul?

Paul : The history of Boston Marathon.

Trang : It sounds interesting! How often is it held?

Paul : Every year, in the USA.

Trang : When did it begin?

Paul : In 1987. And the same year. John McDermott won the first Boston Athletic Association Marathon.

Trang : Who was John McDermott? Where did he come from?

Paul : He was the first man who won the first Boston Marathon in the USA. He came from New York.

Trang : How long did it take him to reach the finish?

Paul : He clocked 2 hours 50 minutes and 10 seconds.

Trang : Did women have right to participate in long distance running? Paul : Yes... But not until 1967, Yomen were formally accepted to take part in the Boston races... A few years later, Kuscisk became the first official female champion.

Trang : When did she win the race?

Paul : In 1972. There were 8 women starting the race and all 8 finished.

Trang : Is the race held for only American people?

Paul : No. Each year, more runners from every part of the world join it. In 1984, 6164 runners from 34 countries ran in the marathon.

Trang : What are the rules of the Boston Marathon?

Paul : The Boston race is about 42 km. Runners have to go through 13 towns during the race. It ends in the centre of Boston.

Trang : Oh, that’s great. Thanks a lot, Paul.

Task2: Nghe và trả lời câu hỏi.

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