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Task 1.Theo cặp, nghiên cứu bảng mô tả các bậc học phổ thông trong hệ thống giáo dục Việt Nam sau đó đặt câu hỏi theo mẫu và trả lời.

Level of education


(from - to)


(from - to)




1 -3






1 -5


Compulsory education



Lower secondary



Upper secondary 10- 12

15- 17

National examination for GCSE

Ví dụ:

A: When do the children in Vietnam go to primary school?

B: When they are 6 years old.

A: How long is the primary education last?

B: 5 years, from grade 1 to grade 5.

Task 2. Theo nhóm, các em nói về hệ thống giáo dục phổ thông ở Việt Nam dựa vào các thông tin trong bài Task 1.

Task 3. Theo nhóm, em hãy tìm điểm giống và điểm khác biệt giữa hệ thống trường học ở Việt Nam và nước Anh dựa vào nội dung bài đọc.

A. I’m not sure, but I think there are certain similarities and differences between the school system in Vietnam and that in England.

B. I think so, loo. But what differences do you know?

C. As I know, first both systems have the same three levels of education, and the starting age of schooling.

D. But in England, as I know, there isn’t such a strict and unreasonable rule of starling age of schooling.

A. What do you mean?

D. OK. As I'm told, in England a pupil can attend a class if he or she has enough capacity as required.

B. About the differences I see there are a lot.

C. For example?

B. The academic year. In Vietnam there are only two periods of schooling in a year, each of which lasts about five months or so.

A. I see. In England an academic year is divided into three by season.

D. And one more difference: in England students needn’t take any exam to enter the upper secondary schools.

C. But we should not ignore the most major difference: the tuition fee for nursery, primary and secondary educations. For these three levels, people do not pay any tuition in England. I mean they are totally free and compulsory.

B. Oh, really?


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