Unit 1 Friendship: Language Focus

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Grammar and Vocabulary

Exercise 1. Sắp xếp lại câu cho đủng trật tự, sử dụng đủng hình thức động từ nguyên thể có to (infinitive with to).


1. Who wants something to eat?

2. I have some letters to write.

3. I am / was delighted to hear the news.

4. My mother has some shopping to do.

5. You always have too much to talk about.

6. It’s lovely to see you again.

7. It’s / was too cold to go out.

8. I’m /am happy to know that you have passed the exams.

Exercise 2. Viết lại câu, sử dụng đúng hình thức động từ nguyên thể không có to (infinitive to).


1. The police watched them get out of the car.

2. They let him write a letter to his wife.

3. I heard them talk in the next room.

4. The customs officer made him open the briefcase.

5. The boy saw the cat jump through the window.

6. Do you think the company will make him pay some extra money?

7. I felt the animal move toward me.

8. Do you think her parents will let her go on a picnic?


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