Unit 5: Iilliteracy (Nạn Mù Chữ)

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Reported Speech with Infinitive

* Indirect orders, requests, advice with to-infinitive.

Mệnh lệnh, lời yêu cầu, lời khuyên giản tiếp với động từ nguyên mẫu.

a) Orders

Ex: “Open the windows. Turn on the lights”, my mother said.

—> My mother told me to open the windows and turn on the lights.

He said, “Don’t wait for me”.

—> He told me not to wait for him. 

b) Requests

Ex: “Would you turn down the radio, please?”, she said.

-» She asked me to turn down the radio,

c) Advice

Direct speech Indirect speech

“If I were you, I would...” Subject + advised + o + to “ You should...” not to

Ex: “You should stop smoking, Peter”, Ann said.

—> Ann advised Peter to stop smoking.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t stay up late”, she said.

—> She advised me not to stay up late.

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