A visit from a Pen Pal: Listen



Tim Jones7 Mexican penpal, Carlo, is visiting the USA. Listen to their conversation and check (tích) the numbers of the correct pictures (Carlo, người bạn thư tín người Me-xi-cô của Tim Jones đang viếng thăm nước Mỹ. Lắng nghe cuộc nói chuyện của họ và đánh dấu vào bức hình đúng.)

Phần đọc trong băng

Tim : Are you hungry, Carlo ?

Carlo: Yes !

Tim : Okey. Let;s go to a restaurant downtown. If we go through the park, we can catch a bus on Ocean Drive.

Carlo : That7s fine. I really like walking in the park.

YouVe lucky to have a place like this close to your home. It7s so beautiful with all the trees and flowers and a pond in the middle.

Tim : Carlo! Be careful! YouVe walking on the grass. The park keeper is growing some more – you^l kill the new grass !

Carlo : Oh, sorry. I dicing see the sign.

Tim : Come on . It7s time we caught the bus

Carlo : Is that our bus, Tim ?

Tim : No, that7s a 103 bus. We want the number 130.

Carlo : Where are we going to eat ?

Tim : It’s up to you. There’s a new Mexican restaurant in town.

Carlo : Oh, no. I can eat Mexican food at home. I love American food. Iỵd rather eat hamburgers.

Tim : Okay. I know exactly where we need to go !

a) 1 b) 2 c) 2