Language Focus 2 Lớp 7 Trang 68 SGK

Language Focus 2 Lớp 7 Trang 68 SGK


UNIT 4 – 6

1. Present progressive tense (Thì Hiện tại tiếp diễn).

Complete the passage (Hoàn chỉnh đoạn văn).

It is six thirty in the evening. Lan is doing her homework. She’s writing an English essay. Mr Thanh is reading a newspaper and Mrs Quyên is cooking dinner. Liêm and Tiến, Lan’s brothers, are playing soccer in the backyard. Liêm is kicking the ball and Tien is running after.


Complete the dialogues (Hoàn chỉnh các bài đối thoại).

a. Mother : This room is very untidy.

b. Mother : Put this bag away

Son : That isn’t my bag. This is my bag.

c. Mom : Put these dirty socks in the washing basket.

Son :These socks?

Mom : No. Those socks on the bed.

d. Mother : Throw avvay these comics.

Son : But I like those comics, Mom.

 3. Write the correct time (Viết giờ đúng).

a. Ba : What time is it?

Nam : It’s nine forty. (9.40)

It’s twenty to ten.

b. Lan : What time does the movie start?

Hoa : It starts at seven fifteen / a quarter past seven.

It starts at fifteen past seven.

c. Mrs Quyên : Will you be home for dinner tonight?

Mr Thanh : No. I’ll be home at half past ten. (ten thirty)

d. Miss Lien : Can you come to school early tomorrow?

Nam : Yes, Miss Lien. I will come at a quarter to seven, (six forty-five)

4. Vocabulary: Subjects (Môn học.)

a. Physical education       b. Physics                   c. Math

d. Geography                  e. English                   f. History

5. Adverbs of frequency (Trạng từ năng diễn).

a. Ba never goes to the cafeteria at lunch time.

b. Ba seldom rides his bike to school.

c. He always practices playing the guitar after school.

d. He usually does his homework in the evening.

e. He often plays computer games .

6. Making suggestions. (Đưa ra gợi ý.)

Write the dialogues. (Viết bài đối thoại.)

– Lan : Chúng ta đi bơi đi.

Hoa : Vâng.

– Minh : Chúng ta hãy chơi bóng bàn đi.

Nam :Rất tiếc. Tôi không biết chơi.

– Ba : Bạn chơi bóng rổ với tôi nhé! 

Nga : Tôi thích lắm.

(Possible answers)

– Mai : Let’s go to the movie this evening.

Dung : OK.

– Việt : Shall we play volleyball after school?

Nam : I’d love to.

– Ba : Let’s play soccer.

Hung : I’m sorry, I can’t.

– Dung : Would you like to go to my house to listen to music? I have some new discs.

Hoa : I’m sorry, I can’t. I have a lot of homework to do. Thanks anyway.

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