Language Focus Unit 13 Lớp 12 Trang 145



* Pronunciation: Linking

* Grammar:

Exercise 1. Ghép nửa câu ở cột A với nữa câu thích hợp ở cột B.

Đáp án.

2. e        3. a        4. b        5. d         6. g         7.f

Exercise 2. Hoàn thành câu, sử dụng so sánh hơn của tính từ với cấu trúc: comparative + and + comparative.

Đáp án.

1. His visit to New York seemed to get shorter and shorter because he was very busy at work.

2. Eating and travelling in this city is becoming more and more expensive.

3. As the day went on, the weather got worse and worse.

4. We had to stop the discussion because the question was becoming more and more complicated.

5. Your English is OK now, your pronunciation has got better and better.

6. Little John is becoming more and more active.

7. As it was getting dark, it was becoming more and more difficult to see everything in the house without electricity.

8. I feel happy as my birthday is coming closer and closer.

Exercise 3. Hoàn thành câu, sử dụng so sánh hơn cùa tính từ với cẩu trúc: the + comparative + and + the + comparative. Chọn nữa câu thích hợp trong khung.

Đáp án.

1. The warmer the weather, the better 1 feel.

2. The more you practise your English, the faster you will learn.

3. The longer he waited, the more impatient he became.

4. The more electricity you use, the higher your bill will be.

5. The more expensive the hotel, the better the service.

6. The more I got to know him, the more I liked him.

7. The more you have, the more you want.

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