Language Focus Unit 3 Lớp 8 Trang 34



* Reflexive pronouns


* WHY – Because

1. Look at the pictures. Complete the dialogue. Use MUST or HAVE TO and the verbs in the box. (Hãy nhìn các hình và điền bài đối thoại. Dùng must hoặc have to và động từ trong khung.)

feed      empty     do     tidy     sweep      clean     dust

Nga : Can you come to the movies, Lan?

Lan : No. I have to do my chores.

Nga : What do you have to do?

Lan : I must tidy my bedroom. Then I must dust the living -room and I sweep the kitchen floor,too.

Nga : That won’t take long. What else?

Lan : I must clean the fish tank (hồ cá) and then I must empty the garbage can. Finally I have to feed the dog.

Nga : OK. Let’s start. Then we can go out.

2. Look at the pictures. Use ought to to give advice. (Hãy nhìn các hình.

Dùng ought to để cho lời khuyên.)

a. – I failed my English test.

– You ought to study harder. 

b. – I’m late for school.

– You ought to get up earlier.

or: You ought to set your alarm clock earlier.

c. – I’m fat.

– You ought to be on a diet.

d. – I have a toothache

– You ought to go to a dentist.

3. Complete the dialogues. Use the reflexive pronouns in the box. You will have to use some of the reflexive pronouns more than once. (Điền các bài đối thoại. Dùng đại từ phản thân trong khung. Các em sẽ phải dùng một số đại từ phản thân hơn một lần.)

myself        yourself           himself         herself            ourselves               themselves

a. Miss Lien : Did someone help Ba draw that picture?

Bao : No. He did it (0) himself.

b. Nga : The repairman can’t fix the washing machine until


Mrs Link : Come on. We’ll have to try and do it (1) ourselves.

c. Aunt Thanh’. What’s the matter, Hoa?

Hoa : I cut (2) myself.

Aunt Thanh: Let me see. Oh, it’s all right. You didn’t cut (3) yourself badly.

d. Lan: Why are you crying, Nga?

Nga: I just watched the movie Romeo ang Juliet. The boy killed himself and the girl killed herself as well.

Lan: Why did they kill (6) themselves?

Nga: It’s a long story.

e. Mr Nhat : Boys and girls, you’ll do this experiment this afternoon.

Students: Will you come to help us?

Mr Nhat: Yes, I will. But you’ll have to do it (7) yourselves?

4. Work with a partner. Ask and answer the question about Hoa, Nam, Ha and Nga,using “Why – Because”. (Thực, hành với một bạn cùng học. Hỏi và trả lời các câu hỏi về Hoa, Nam, Ha và Nga, dùng “Why- Because ”)

a. – Why did Hoa go to school late this morning?

– Because she watched TV late last night.

b. – Why did Nam have to cook dinner yesterday evening?

– Because his mother was home late.

c. – Why will his mother, Mrs Thoa, be home late?

– Because she has to visit her mother.

d. – Why does Ha have to study harder?

– Because she failed her last English test. 

e. – Why didn’t Nga go to the movie?

– Because she had to help her mother with the housework.

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