Listening Unit 5 Lớp 12 Trang 56



Before you listen

Theo cặp, em hãy nói về các vấn đề mà em cho là khó khăn khi học ở một trường mới.

* Nghe và lặp lại:

proportion                     international                     agricultural

majority                        available                            rural

tutorial                          appointment                     thoroughly

While you listen

Nghe bài đối thoại giữa John và Christ và chọn đáp án đúng để hoàn tất câu.


John:         Now, Christ, can I get this right: You’re just completed a MSc course

                 on which a large proportion of the students were international students? Is that right?

Christ:       That’s it. Yes, I was in AERD – that’s the department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.

John:        And how do you think the students from other countries got on that course?

Christ:       Pretty well.

John:        What advice would you give students, particularly international

                 students, based on your experience as a student here?

Christ:       I think the most basic thing is to make use, full use, of the tutors and lecturers.

                 Maybe some of the overseas students are a bit too shy to take questions or problems to tutors.

John:        What do you think they should do?

Christ:       I think they should find out at the beginning of the course the times at which the tutor is

                going to be available for tutorial appointments, and then make full use of them.

John:       So, any problems, they should tell the tutor as soon as possible?

                Let’s move on, what about the amount of reading that you have to do as a university student?

Christ:      Yes! It looks pretty daunting at first, with those long reading lists. Don’t think that the students

                have to read everything that’s listed. Try to find out which are the most important items on the

                list – ask the lecturer or tutor if necessary, and then, if your time is limited, spend it reading those

                books thoroughly.

John:       OK, that’s very helpful, Christ. Thank you very much.

Christ:      No, not at all.

Đáp án. 

1.C         2. A        3. C         4. A           5. B

After you listen

Theo cặp, các em luyện nói những ý kiến của bản thân về việc chọn học đại học ở trong nước hay nước ngoài và đưa ra những lí do có thể luyện theo gợi ý sau:

HS1:     Would you like to do an undergraduate course in your country or abroad?

HS2:     I’d like to do an undergraduate course in my country.

HS1:     Why so?

HS2:     Because my English is not good enough and I cannot afford tuition fees and accommodation for studying overseas.

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