Unit 1 Friendship: Writing



Viết về một người bạn cỏ thật hay em nghĩ ra theo hướng dẫn sau:

1. Nêu tên bạn em, giới tính, tuổi, địa chỉ, nơi và lúc em gặp bạn ấy.

2. Tả đặc điểm vóc dáng của bạn (chiều cao, tóc, mắt, mặt, y phục), và tính cách (hay giúp đỡ, chân thật…)

3. Nói về điều em ưa thích nơi bạn.

Gợi ý:

Among the friends that I have. Hung is my close friend. He is seventeen years old. Although we don’t live in the same district, we are now classmates. I met him when we first came to this high school. So we’ve known each other for more than a year. Hung is a good-looking boy. He’s tall with short straight hair and clear black eyes. He has got a square face and looks very energetic and studious. His clothes are not expensive but always clean and well-ironed. We have been friends just because we nearly have the same tastes and qualities. We are very helpful to each other when having difficulties. Moreover, there is completely mutual trust between us. We are always ready to tell each other our most intimate secrets. Another thing is that Hung has a sense of humour. He is known as a class joker. He usually makes our class laugh. He’s very polite to older people, generous and helpful to his friends. When time goes by, our friendship becomes deeper and deeper.

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