Unit 4 Learning a foreign Language: Language Focus



Modal verbs with If

Direct and reported speech

Here and now words with reported speech

Reported questions

(1) Complete the sentences. Use modal verbs in brackets and the information in the box (Dùng động từ hình thái trong ngoặc và thông tin trong khung để hoàn tất câu.)

Stay / bed

do / homework

do / exercise

Go / university

study hard

miss / train

c) Ba : Oh, no ! I weigh 60 kilos !

Nga : If you want to lose weight, you should do a lot of exercise

d) Tuan : Where is Ba? He’s very late.

Mrs Thoa : If he doesn’t come soon, he might miss the train.

c) Mr. Ha :I feel sick

Mrs Nga : If you want to get well, you ought to stay in bed. 

f) Na: I’d like to go to the movies, Mom.

Mrs. Kim : You must do your home work if you want to go out.

2) Complete the chart (Điền vào bảng)

Direct speech

Reported speech

Direct speech

Reported speech

 Present simple tense

 Past simple tense







 Past progressive  tense



 Future simple tense

 Would + verb






 That day


 Had to


 Thefollowing day

3) Lan’s father held a party to celebrate his mother’s birthday. Unfortunately, Mrs Thu, her grandmother, has a hearing problem and she couldn7t here what people were saying. After the party, Lan reported everything to her grandmother. (Bố của Lan tổ chức một bữa tiệc mừng sinh nhật hà nội của Lan. Nhưng không may, bà Thu, bà nội của Lan lại bị nhãng tai nên bà không nghe được lời mọi người nói. Sau buổi tiệc Lan thuật lại cho bà nghe mọi thứ)

a) Uncle Hưng said that the birthday cake was delicious.

b) Miss Nga said (that) she loved the roses.

c) Cousin Mai said (that) she was having a wonderful time there.

d) Mr.Chi said he would go to Hue the following day.

e) Mrs. Hoa said she might have a new job

f) Mr.Quang said he had to leave then.

4) This morning Nga had an interview for a summer job. When she arrived home, she told her mother about the interview (Sáng nay Nga đi dự phỏng vấn xin việc mùa hè. Khi trở về nhà, Nga thuật lại cho mẹ em về buổi phỏng vấn)

a) She asked me how old I was.

b) She asked me if/whether my school was near there.

c) She asked me what the name of my school was.

d) She asked me if/whether I went to school by bicycle.

e) She asked me which grade I was in.

f) She asked me if/whether I could use a computer.

g) She asked me why I wanted that job.

h) She asked me when my school vacation started.


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