Unit 5 The Media: Listening



Listen to a conversation between Chau and his father. Fill in the table with the information you hear.

(Nghe bài đối thoại giữa Châu và bố của Châu. Điền vào bảng với những thông tin em nghe được).

When ?

What happened ?

 7,h Or 8th century

 The first printed newspaper appeared in China.

 (a) The late 19,h century

 The telegraph was invented

 early 20lh century

 Two new form of news media appearcd(b): Radio  and newsreels

 (c) in the 1959s

 Television became popular

 mid – and late 1990s

 (d) The Internet became a ma jor force in journalism.

Lời nói trong hãng:

Chau: Dad, i’m doing an assignment. Can you help me with the information?

Chau’s Father: What is the assignment about?

Chau : It s about the important dates of the media. Where and when did the first printed newspaper appear. Dad?

Chau’s Father : It first appeared in the 7th or 8lh century AD, in China.

Chau: And when was the telegraph invented?

Chau’s Father: Perhaps it was in the late 19,h century. Do you know what two new forms of news media appeared in the early 20,h century?

Chau : Radio and newsreels?

Chau’s Father: Excellent! And when did television become commercially viable can you guess?

Chau : In the 1940s?

Chau’s Father : No, it was in the 1950s.

Chau : When did the Internet become a major force in journalism?

Chau’s Father : In the mid – and late 1990s.

Chau : Thank you, Dad. Now I can answer all the questions for my assignment.

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