Unit 5 The Media: Write



Read the forum on the Internet in the reading text again (5.Read). Write a passage about the benefits of the Internet. You can use the following use. (Đọc lại diễn dàn trên Internet ở bài đọc. Hãy viết một đoạn về lợi ích của mạng Internet. Em có thể dùng những câu gợi ý sau)

– The Internet as a source of information (news, articles, weather Forecast, eel..)

(Internet là một nguồn thông tin (tin tức, bài báo, dự báo thời tiết v.v…)

– The Internet as a source of entertainment (music, movies, games, eel..)

(Internet là nguồn giải trí (âm nhạc, phim ảnh và trò chơi v.v…)

– The Internet as a means of education (on – line schools, on – line lessons, self – study, eel..)

(Internet là phương tiện giáo dục (trường trực tuyến, bài học trên mạng, tự học v.v…)

Suggested passage :

Here are some benefits of the Internet

– First, it is a very fast and convenient way to get information. It is also a very fast and unexpensive way to communicate with your friends and relatives by means of e – mail, chatting or webcam.

– Second, it is a very update source of information : You can get the latest local or global news; you can check weather conditions before you go camping, fishing or out_doors … You can also find a timetable and maps of the buses you want to take; or you can book your tickets for the next concert, soccer match or for a trip, a hotel, etc…

– Third, it is a diversified source of entertainment : you can listen to music, to the radio or watch videos, play games, read novels and poems, ever do virtual sight – seeing, ect…

– Finally, it provides you with a rich source of educational materials and courses : you can learn English, or look up a dictionary, you can even take a training course or a learning course.

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