Unit 6 The Environment: Language Focus



• Adjectives and adverbs

• Adverb clauses of reason (as, because)

• Adjective +That – clause

• Conditional sentences type 1

1) Change the adjectives into adverbs. Then use the adverles to complete the sentences

(Đổi tính từ thành phó từ. Sau đó dùng phó từ để hoàn thành câu)











b) Hoa was extremely pleased because she got an A for her assignment.

c) The old man walked slowly to the park.

d) Tuan sighed sadly when he heard that he failed the test.

e) The baby laughed happily as she played with her toys.

f) Mrs Nga speaks English quite well.

2) Join the pairs of sentences together. Use because, as, or since.

(Nối các cặp câu. Dùng because, as hoặc since)

a) iVn tired because I stayed up late watching TV.

b) I have a broken leg as I fell over while I was playing basketball.

c) I’m going to be late for school since/because the bus is late.

d) I broke the cup as/because I was careless.

e) I want to go home because/as I feel sick.

f) I’m hungry because/since I haven^ eaten all day.

3) Complete the dialogues. Use the words in brackets

(Hoàn tất bài đôi thoại. Dùng từ trong ngoặc)

a) Ba: Dad ! I got mark 9 on my test!

Mr Ha: That’s wonderful. I’m pleased that you are working hard.

b) Mrs Quyen : When are you going on vacation with your family, Sally?

Mrs Robinson : Tomorrow. Im excited that I can go to Dalat this time.

c) Lan : I’m sorry that I broke your bicycle yesterday.

Tien : Don’t worry. I can fix it.

d) Liz : I forgot to tell you I was going to Lan;s place.

Mrs Robinson : I’m disappointed that you did not phone me about it

e) Miss Lien : Congratulations !

Nga :  I’m amazed that I could win the first prize

4) Match each half – sentence in column A with a suitable one in column B. (Kốt hợp nửa câu bên cột A vđi nửa câu bên cột B)

a) If we pollute the water, we will have no fresh water to use.

b) If you cut down the trees in the forests, there will be big floods every year. 

c) If there is too much exhaust fume in the air, more and more people will cope with respiratory problems.

d) If you can keep your neighborhood clean, you will have an ideal place to live.

e) If people stop using dynamite for fishing, a lot of sea creatures will be well preserved

5) Complete the sentence (Hoàn tất câu)

a) If we go on littering, the environment will become seriously polluted.

b) If we plant more trees along the streets, we will have more shades and fresh air.

c) If we use much pesticide on vegetables, the vegetables will become poisonous and inedible.

d) If we keep our environment clear and clean, we will live a happier and healthier life.

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