Unit 8 Celebrations: Write



In Viet Nam people do not celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. You think it is necessary to have a day to celebrate for your mom and another for your dad. Write to a friend to share this idea. Follow this outline. (Ở Việt Nam, người ta không kỉ niệm Ngày của Mẹ hay Ngày của Cha. Bạn nghĩ cần thiết phải có một ngày dành cho mẹ và một ngày dành cho cha. Viết cho bạn mình để chia sẻ ý kiến này. Dựa vào dàn bài dưới đây)

Outline (Dàn bài)

 First  paragraph:  tell your friend the reason(s) for celebrating this day (for children  to express their feelings, memories, and love for their parents, to  enhance family traditions, to bring family members closer…)
 Second  paragraph:  give details about

 – When to celebrate : in what season, or what month, what date of  the month or day of the week … (why?)

 – How to celebrate : having parties, sending cards, going on  picnics…

 – What special gifts to give : gifts to moms, gift to dads.

 – What special food to offer.

Third paragraph:  state whether or not you think your idea will be supported and  you hope the day will be celebrated nationwide.

Suggested ideas

In my opinion, it is necessary to have a day to celebrate for our parents for many reasons. First of all, children will have a day to express their feelings, memories and love for their parents. Secondly, we can have an opportunity to enhance family traditions. Finally, members of families can have a chance to get together, to know one another and to help one another.

I think we should celebrate that day on the first Sunday of April. It is because Sunday is a day off, so everybody is free from work or study. In addition, April is late spring or early summer, and the weather is generally fine at this time of the year; thus, many activities can happen outdoors. It is not necessary to have parties but its a good idea to have a lunch or dinner with all members of the family. In that day, children should give their parents flowers, send them cards, or bring them a special cake. Moreover, children should serve their parents the food that they like best.

I believe the idea will be supported and the day will be celebrated nationwide because everybody loves their parents and wants their parents to be happy.

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