Unit 9 Natural Disasters: Listening



An expert is giving a talk on how to live with earthquakes. Listen to the talk, then complete the table.

(Một chuyên gia đang trò chuyện về việc làm thê nào để sống chung với động đất. Em hãy lắng nghe bài nói chuyện và hoàn thành bảng sau.)

    Living with earthquake (Sống chung với động đất)

 Heavy fixtures, furniture, and aplliances : (các vật dụng cố định, đồ nội thất, đồ dùng nặng nề)

  •  Place heavy books on the (1) bottom shelf of your hook shelves.

     Block the rollers on your (2) fridge and (3) washing machine.

 Flying glass :

  •  Check the (4) mirrors.

  •  Don’t put your bed near (5) a window.

 Earthquakes drill :

      Stay (6) inside.

      Sit (7) under a strong table or (8) a doorway.

      Stand in the (9) corner of a room.

Tape Transcript

Phần đọc trong băng

If you live in an earthquake zone, you should take some time to look around your house. Place heavy books on the bottom shelf of your bookshelves. Block the rollers on your fridge and washing machine to prevent them from moving. Put hanging potted plants in plastic containers. Check the mirrors in your bathroom and bedroom. Make sure they can’t move. Don’t put your bed next to a window.

Planning where you are going to be during an earthquake is very important. The first thing to remember is to stay inside. Then you should sit under a strong table or doorway, or stand in the comer of a room.

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