Language Focus Unit 13 Lớp 11 Trang 151



Grammar and Vocabulary

Exercise 1. Viết lại các câu theo câu mẫu, chú ý đến chủ ngữ của câu.


1. It was the boy who visited his uncle last month.

2. It was my mother who bought me a present on my birthday.

3. It was Huong and Sandra who sang together at the party.

4. It was Nam’s father who got angry with him.

5. It was the boys who played football all day long.

6. It was the girl who received a letter from her friend yesterday.

7. It was his presence at the meeting that frightened the children.

Exercise 2. Viết lại các câu sau đây theo mẫu, chú ý đến tân ngữ sau động từ.

1. It is English that the man is learning.

2. It was the book that the woman gave him.

3. It was the postcard that she sent her friend.

4. It was the book that Hoa borrowed from Long.

5. It was his grandfather who(m) the little boy greeted in a strange language.

6. It was the policeman who(m) the pedestrian asked a lot of questions.

7. It was the stranger who(m) the dog barked at.

Exercise 3. Viết lại các câu sau theo câu mẫu, chú ý đến nhỏm từ phó từ.


2. It was in the garden that the boy hit the dog.

3. It was for tea that she made some cakes.

4. It was for him that his faster repaired the bicycle.

5. It was on his birthday that she presented him a book.

6. It was in Britain that he met his wife.

7. It was from the shop that she bought that present.

8. It was at 8:00 am that the meeting started.

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