Listening Unit 14 Lớp 11 Trang 158



Before you listen

Theo cặp, cùng nhìn vào tranh và trả lời câu hỏi dẫn dắt vào bài: Em thấy gì qua hai bức tranh trên?


Where are these people?

What are they doing?

While you listen

Hoạt động này luyện tập khả năng nghe và nắm được một số thông tin chi tiết cho HS.


Three American students are talking about how they would like to spend their summer holiday.

Anna : It’s hot and humid in New York City in the summer and I often feel depressed then. So in July and August I often go out of the city to the west where there are some beautiful national parks and forests. I often go with my friends, and we spend about two weeks in a national park every year. We might stay at campgrounds in the park, but wilderness areas are more fun. What we enjoy most is to ride our dirt bike in the desert, take showers in waterfalls and swim in lakes and rivers. And at night we sleep in our sleeping bags or tents and cook on our gas stove. It’s wonderful that we can live in nature and enjoy it.

Terry : I used to go to the mountains, the desert, and the other places with spectacular scenery in summer. I don’t any more, although I’m still attracted to the beauty of nature. But I do think these natural places aren’t as beautiful as they used to be. Now more and more people are going to these places. They leave trash in the forests, and take rocks and plants with them. They don’t care about nature. I believe not only people are important to the world – nature is important, too.

Mary : Like most other people I’m very fond of natural spectacular scenery, but when I travel, I spend most of my time in cities. Why I don’t want to live in nature and enjoy it? It’s the solitude of the wilderness. It’s for animals and plants, not for me. I hate camping, too. I can’t put up an umbrella tent in the wind. I can’t make a fire in the rain, and a backpack is usually Too heavy for me. So I’d better stay in the cities and enjoy the comfort they offer.

Task 1. Nghe ba học sinh nói về cách họ muon trải qua những ngày nghỉ, cho biết các câu sau đây là đúng (T) hay sai (F).


1. T     2. T     3. F     4. T    5. F    6. T

Gọi ý giúp HS gỉảỉ thích sự lựa chọn của mình:

Why do you think it’s true / false?

 1.      T

 2.      T

 3.      F. He used t o 

 4.      T

 5.      She doesn’t want to live in

 nature and she doesn’t enjoy

 it because of the solitude of

 the wilderness.

 6. T.

Task 2. Nghe lại để trả lời các câu hỏi.


1. Riding their dirt bike in the desert, taking showers in waterfalls ad swimming in lakes and rivers.

2. In sleeping bags or tents.

3. Because more and more people are coming to these places and leave trash in the forests and take rocks and plants with them.

4. He thinks nature is also important in the world.

5. In cities.

6. Because she can’t put up an umbrella tent in the wind or make a fire in the rain or carry a heavy backpack.

After you listen

Theo cặp / nhóm, đưa ra các ưu điểm của việc đi cắm trại.

Ví dụ: When you are on a camping holiday, you can be close to nature and enjoy it.

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